A Few Words About Us

UVend Group of Companies was established in 2009 in Canada by the Founder Paul Neelin, the company grew over the years and went public in the US early 2014. With Mr. Neelin’s guidance we were able to secure the rights for several brands and partnerships including the NHL, MLB, Zoompass and are poised to launch FIFA in the summer 2017 at the Confederation Cup.

UVend Group of Companies (UVG) has secured the Canadian and Latin America Master Distributor rights; while still being indirectly attached to the parent company U-Vend America. The Canadian management team will have the right to operate. sell, market and partner throughout Canada and Latin America for national and international growth.

We will be expanding our current distributor network, expand the NHL, introduce MLB, FIFA and drive certain brands and partnerships throughout Latin America. We will continue to design specialty self serve kiosks for upcoming 3rd party branding partnerships with the focus of matching all locations with our Digital Network.

There is a tremendous opportunity within these markets for mass expansion while growing our partnerships nationally and Internationally.